Extendable ST-Shape

ST-Hadoop provides the basic shape data type to start manipulating with spatio-temporal objects. The STPoint shape consists of three primary attributes ( time, x, y). In a general case if your data is a comma separated format and contains these attributes in the same order., then you can simply use STPoint shape. In addition to the default 3 dimension point shipped with ST-Hadoop, you can easily extend this shape. Here in this tutorial, you will learn how to extend STPoint based on your dataset format. 



Let's assume that you have a simple version of twitter dataset which is represented in a comma separated format. as the following line: 

2016-03-16 15:27,710200873448656896,3166925780,username,#tb @ Singapore ST-Hadoop is amazing,en,Instagram, 11.3912,103.856,2


The following code shows how to extend STPoint shape to support your input format. 


STPointSTPoint extendSTPoint extendSTPoint extend


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